"Embrace" Stoneware Sculpture by Tara Vaughan

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"Embrace" handmade stoneware sculpture in matte grey by Tara Vaughan.

Tara's work is based in the joining of bulbous organic forms with strong planes so they interact and create a sense of space and shadow. Feelings of intimacy as well as solitude are felt throughout her body of work, with each piece open to the viewers interpretation.

All of her sculptures are completely hollow and hand-built from stoneware mid-range fire clay. All work is bisque fired, then glaze fired to cone 5. All work is made from a combination of coiling and slab-building. No slip-casting is involved, therefore no two pieces are the same. With a combination of stains and oxides, the surfaces are often matte, frequently made with a stone like texture.

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10"W x 9"D x 20.5"H

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